We have had so much fun at our summer camps, we decided we needed to spread that love and enjoyment into winter! 


 Join us, in the beautiful Canaan Valley of West Virginia, at Canaan Valley Resort. Participants will learn the foundations of healthy running performance, but also key components to running wild in the winter - breathing exercises, proper fueling and nutrition, clothing, navigation and more! Our retreat is designed to allow participants to choose their own adventure, so with built in free time - explore the trails, hit the slopes, grab your fat tire bike, snowshoes, whatever feeds your wild side!


Unfortunately, due to growing restrictions and

COVID cases we are unable to host camp this

year. But we look forward to seeing

you in 2022!

Schedule in a Nutshell


Lodging is not included in the price of the retreat. However, rooms are blocked at

Canaan Valley Resort and Conference Center, just call1-800-622-4121 and mention 'Freedom Run Race' for special room rates and book your stay!

Looking for a roommate? Contact katie@freedomsrun.org and she can put you in touch with other participants looking to bunk up with new friends!


Adult Winter Retreat!

Day 1

We start the camp Friday morning around 10:30am at Canaan Valley Resort (host hotel). From there we'll go over basics of running form, mobility and strength development, breathing exericises, etc. 

We'll end the day around 4:30pm, folks can check into the hotel, break for dinner, and rendevous back up for happy hour and an evening activity. 

Lunch included

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Day 2

Where Day 1 focuses on the basics and foundations for running, Day 2 will get into the details for outdoor adventure. Including part 2 of breathing exercises, fueling for cold, navigation, and proper equipment and outerwear for those frigid days. 


We'll have a quick session after lunch, and then break out for structured free time. Hit the slopes at Canaan Valley State Park, cross train with some cross country skiing at White Grass, rent fat tire bikes from Blackwater Bikes,  or hike some of the many trails of Dolly Sods and Monongahela National Forest. 


We'll meet back up for happy hour to regale each other with our adventures. 

Lunch included this day

Day 3




It’s time to put your knowledge to the test. We'll hit the trails first thing for a cold, fun few hours on some of the most unique landscapes in the region. 

We’ll all join back together at 10:30am for a brunch feast at Canaan Resort! After brunch we’ll have a quick wrap up session  and head out (around noon-ish)!

Brunch will be included

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How do I register for the camp?
Register Here!

How much is the camp? And what does it include?
The camp is $180 (prices inccrease December 1 and January 1). This includes lunch on Friday and Saturday and Brunch on Sunday, as well as all instruction. Lodging and transportation are not included in the price. 

What kind of weekly mileage is required in order to participate?
We don’t require any kind of base mileage in order to participate in the camp. We will break everyone into groups to ensure everyone is performing at a level that works best for them. The runs are also completely optional – if you feel you’ve hit your mileage for the day, feel free to break away from the group and take some free time to cross train, relax, read, whatever you like!

Will I be bored if I am an experienced runner?
No! The workshops are designed for every level to improve performance and take your training to the next level. We will have group runs designed for all skills, and if ever you feel like you need to add more mileage and break away from the pack – grab a map and enjoy!


Who is the camp designed for?
Anyone looking to let out their wild side and experience the adventurous side of running and playing outside. 

Where does the camp take place?
The retreat takes place in Canaan Valley near Davis and Thomas, WV.

Something has come up, I can no longer attend the camp, will I receive a refund? 
As long as you let us know by January 1st, you will receive a refund in full (minus Active fees). After January 1st, refunds will depend on date proximity to camp, as we will have to pay deposits and account for your participation. We will not be able to issue refunds after February 1. Contact katie@freedomsrun.org with further questions


Will I be required to wear a mask at camp?
Yes and No. All participants for all youth and adult camps are required to bring a mask/ face covering. During morning check-ins, and stationary workshops, participants and volunteers must wear face masks/ coverings. You will not be required to wear masks during aerobic activity. This is per the guidance of the CDC and WV state summer camp procedures.

What kind of COVID-19 precautions can I expect?
Each morning, participants will undergo the follow screenings/ questions:

  • Contactless Temperature Checks

  • Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19?

  • Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat?

  • Have had a fever in the last 48 hours?

  • Have you had a loss of taste or smell?

  • Have you had diarrhea in the last 24 hours?

If participants answer yes to any of the follow questions, or has a fever upon arrival, the participant will be asked to go home and remain home for the remainder of the camp.

Staff will disinfect/ sanitize high touch zones, and provide hand sanitizer for all participants.

Social distancing will be required during camp. 


Where should I stay? 

Canaan Valley Resort and Conference Center is our host hotel for the retreat. All workshops will take place there. 

Contact  1-800-622-4121 and mention 'Freedom Run Race' for special room rates and book your stay!

More questions? 
Contact katie@freedomsrun.org